"Pain In My Neck" Pillows
As a massage therapist, I wanted to come up with an idea to help keep my clients comfortable and pain free between visits...which led me to start "Pain In My Neck" Pillows!  How many of us suffer from neck, shoulder, back pain...menstrual pain...stomach aches... headaches...daily stress and tension...sore muscles from lawn and garden work...muscle pain from exercise.  My handmade natural flax seed and herb pillows can help relieve your many aches and pains by warming the pillow in the microwave or chilling in the freezer. 
Each pillow contains golden flax seed and a blend of special herbs.  The covers come in a soft fabric of minky or fleece in a variety of colors and patterns.The insert is baffled which makes it easier to mold around your neck, knees and feet. 
Insert is removable.
Cover is cold water washable. 
I would love for you to try one of my  pillows and decide for yourself the relief and comfort you will receive....Barb!
I also offer gift baskets, locally made jewelry and candles.
          Use for yourself or give as a gift!   
Wedding, Birthday, Baby or Bridal Shower, House Warming Gift...Everyone can use a little "heat" on their back or necks.
          Contact me @ 814-449-2689 to purchase!
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